Know your service providers as well as they know themselves!

Let us ask ourselves a very simple question which is “Most of us wouldn’t buy a big-ticket item like a new TV or car without doing some research online first, so why wouldn’t we do the same when hiring people as a driver or a maid?

From the outside, it looks a silly question because we are very traditional people and we prefer to stay on that path. Altering and tinkering with an already established protocol has a tendency to make us skeptical. But we live in a very un-traditional world where we can even hire services of a priest online. Internet and the innovations that resulted because of Internet boom have changed the way we communicate, marry, date, shop, party etc. Our world seems so small now that if an event is happening in the freezing Antarctica we will all be watching it live and know every detail inside out like it happened down the road from where we live. Either we jump on this bandwagon and embrace all that is happening and changing around us or get left behind.


But every change brings in new challenges too. Like “how to adapt to these changes?”Let us take an example of how we used to hire maids or drivers in the pre-internet days. We would ask friends, acquaintances or relatives to recommend someone. If it didn’t work, there used to be a Kiryana store (traditional Indian grocery shop) who would have all the information about people who were a maid, a gardener or a driver. Just walk up to him, request and next day he would send someone. But those were simpler times, people were simple and honest. Things have become much more complex and some people seem to have lost that innocence. How can we ensure to get the right, honest person with whom we can share access of our homes, gardens, family and our cars? You read a lot of things on internet, in papers about how maids and drivers have committed crimes. The crimes happened because no one bothered to verify their past which may have been shady. Most of the times when these crimes happen, the culprits are habitual offenders. The people who were recommended to you by your peers, friends or family suddenly appear as shady and you wonder whether you could verify the past of your maid or gardener to ensure they are nice and honest people?

Companies like AuthBridge have adapted to this ever-evolving world and come up with technology driven and innovative services like IndiaVerify that can verify your maids, prospective marriage partners, gardeners or your drivers. A simple way to put an end to all the noise and worries.

The question is, “Would you prefer a life which is hassle free or put yourself at risk of being harmed?” You know the answer.

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