Know your service providers as well as they know themselves!

Let us ask ourselves a very simple question which is “Most of us wouldn’t buy a big-ticket item like a new TV or car without doing some research online first, so why wouldn’t we do the same when hiring people as a driver or a maid?

From the outside, it looks a silly question because we are very traditional people and we prefer to stay on that path. Altering and tinkering with an already established protocol has a tendency to make us skeptical. But we live in a very un-traditional world where we can even hire services of a priest online. Internet and the innovations that resulted because of Internet boom have changed the way we communicate, marry, date, shop, party etc. Our world seems so small now that if an event is happening in the freezing Antarctica we will all be watching it live and know every detail inside out like it happened down the road from where we live. Either we jump on this bandwagon and embrace all that is happening and changing around us or get left behind.


But every change brings in new challenges too. Like “how to adapt to these changes?”Let us take an example of how we used to hire maids or drivers in the pre-internet days. We would ask friends, acquaintances or relatives to recommend someone. If it didn’t work, there used to be a Kiryana store (traditional Indian grocery shop) who would have all the information about people who were a maid, a gardener or a driver. Just walk up to him, request and next day he would send someone. But those were simpler times, people were simple and honest. Things have become much more complex and some people seem to have lost that innocence. How can we ensure to get the right, honest person with whom we can share access of our homes, gardens, family and our cars? You read a lot of things on internet, in papers about how maids and drivers have committed crimes. The crimes happened because no one bothered to verify their past which may have been shady. Most of the times when these crimes happen, the culprits are habitual offenders. The people who were recommended to you by your peers, friends or family suddenly appear as shady and you wonder whether you could verify the past of your maid or gardener to ensure they are nice and honest people?

Companies like AuthBridge have adapted to this ever-evolving world and come up with technology driven and innovative services like IndiaVerify that can verify your maids, prospective marriage partners, gardeners or your drivers. A simple way to put an end to all the noise and worries.

The question is, “Would you prefer a life which is hassle free or put yourself at risk of being harmed?” You know the answer.

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5 common situations when you should do a background check.

Anyone who hires people either for their organisations or for their personal convenience like house maid or a driver should be aware of how important it is to run a background check on their potential employee. It is for everyone’s safety, security and mental peace. You would be surprised to know the number of people who lie to their potential employers about their past-be it employment or any criminal history. We live in a world where it is very important to know our hire the same way they know themselves. Here are 5 common situations when and why you should do a background check:-


  1. Know your driver: “Chain se sona hai, toh jag jaaye”. A popular phrase from a TV programme which translates to if you want to sleep peacefully then wake up. It is true. How often do we read news reports about accidents like a school bus full of children involved in an accident? If you are thinking of hiring a driver who will drop your kids to school or you to your office, you need to run a background check on them to know about your driver’s past. Where children or your own safety is involved, make sure to know the background of these people into whose care you entrust your kids.
  2. Marriage Partner Verification: Don’t risk your son’s or daughter’s life with an unverified marital alliance. Marriage fraud today is on the rise. Check, verify and find out everything you possibly can before getting them married. Whether the prospective spouse lives overseas, in another part of India or even from the same city, their background should be checked and verified.  Entering into a marriage without proper verification can cost you and your child emotional and financial damages.
  3. Hiring care givers: Many of us working class people have elderly parents or relatives at home, in need of constant care. We hire a care giver who can take care of our folks but can we trust them? A simple background check will ensure safety of not our elderly folks but our homes too.
  4. Identity theft: So much of our information is available online and there are always chances of someone stealing our identity. So we need to run a self-verification on ourselves to find whether everything on our verification report is fine.
  5.  Renting out your home: Your new tenant may have a past. A criminal past. A police verification may not reveal everything about them. Run a background check on them before you rent out to them because a comprehensive background check will reveal facts about them that will compromise your own safety.

Run a google search with anyone of the situations listed above and see for yourself the amount of news reports or cases that would come up. It should worry you but if there is a problem there is a solution.

IndiaVerify, an online verification service offering from AuthBridge, has been designed for the individual customer. With the wealth of screening experience, especially in the Indian market, the team at AuthBridge understood the need for verification services for the independent user.

Verifying your domestic help, driver, tenant and your marriage partner is as critical to your personal safety and well-being as is screening candidates, vendors and business partners for the security in the corporate world.

So is any of the above 5 situations relevant to you? Then click here and know more on how to run a background check.

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